Caching my Windows Updates

Now that I’m successfully caching steam downloads, I thought it might be fun to try caching other content.  My goal was to cache windows updates.  What I did here is probably pretty specific to unRAID but I thought it might be helpful for somebody.

While I was installing steamcache, I noticed they had a docker for a generic caching container.  I went ahead and searched for it in the unRAID community app by using the term “generic cache”.  I had to use the “Get more results from DockerHub” link, but there it was at the top.

I hit the “Add” button and unRAID converted it to a nice unRAID docker template for me.

I set “Name:” to “WindowsUpdateCache” and changed the “Network Type” to “br0” so it could be assigned its own IP address.  I left the container port as “80” and assigned a place in my appdata folder for both the logs and the cache.  I removed the /var/www/ path since I didn’t think I needed to access it from outside the docker. Hit “Apply” and watch it download and install.

My next step was to edit the “steamcache-dns” docker so that http requests would be forwarded to the generic cache docker also.  This meat adding a Variable for “USE_GENERIC_CACHE” and setting it to “true” and a variable for “LANCACHE_IP” and setting to the IP address that I assigned to the new generic cache docker container.  I hit apply and it updated the docker setting.  So far things seem to be working.  I checked by going to the log folder I assigned to the generic cache docker and seeing if the logs were updating as I downloaded some Windows updates.

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